The Benefits of Asset-Based Financing

The team at Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley is experienced, capable and motivated to help your business succeed. Whether your business-to-business company is just starting to generate revenue and in need of  a start-up loan; or a rapidly growing company seeking alternative financing such as accounts receivable loans; or you are looking to replace your current banking relationship, we will spend the time to understand your company in order to build a financial services that are right for your unique business. Contact us and one of our dedicated staff will reach out to you soon.

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Because every business and industry is different, we tailor your finance package to meet your needs and current situation. With our no-obligation consultation, you get:

Fast Financing Decisions

When your company needs money now—you can’t afford to sit around and wait. You can often receive funds in as little as 5-7 days. We are prepared to move as quickly as you are and always provide a fast turnaround on our financing decisions.

Sufficient Funding for Your Needs

Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley always aims to provide “Maximum Dollars to Credit Worthy Borrowers.” A sufficiently large line of credit will be documented so that as your business and accounts receivable grow, your working capital can expand in support.

Your company may also have access to more funding against inventory, machinery, equipment, and real estate in conjunction with your accounts receivable financing.

Flexible Financing Terms

Whether your business needs to cover payroll, expand, or recover from a financial stumble—we offer flexible financing options to help your business succeed. Loans can be with or without a specified contract period, although one-year contracts with an automatic renewal provision are preferred by most of our borrowers.

Honest Billing and Reasonable Fees

Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley provides secured lines of credit and term loans—not quick repayment, high rate “cash advances.”

Charges include an annual interest rate tied to prime plus a service fee, making the cost of financing in most cases much less than other alternative funding options.

Access to our Network of Financing Partners

We have a wealth of relationships with the best companies in the alternative-financing industry. If you need additional financing beyond our maximum loan limit, we have a number of trusted financing partners that participate with us to provide larger loans.

Since we do not provide separate Purchase Order accommodations, we also partner with several companies that do. If you are unable to fund a Purchase Order within the Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley credit facility, we can bring in a Purchase Order financing partner to meet your financing needs.

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Give us a call or fill out the online form to learn more about your financing options and how we can help your company to grow and prosper with a business loan tailored for you. Call us at (856) 481-4790.

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