5 Good Reasons to Get a Business Loan

When you are considering business loan, make sure you “borrow with a purpose.” Your debt must help your business grow, not weigh it down. While not every reason to go into debt is good, there are some good reasons... Read More

Tips for Additional Funding Beyond Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Successful businesses understand that when their customers are looking for their service or product, they will generally go with the business that stands out or offers what most others don’t. When you are looking for working capital or a... Read More

Advantages of Non-bank Lenders for Business

After the financial collapse a decade ago, businesses have found it harder to get business loans when they need them, especially during the challenging periods that companies experience from time-to-time. In 2009 banks originated 58% of all business loans.... Read More

Is Funding Available for Companies Whose Owners have a Substandard Credit Score?

Obtaining sufficient working capital financing to meet the funding requirements of your company is always a challenge. This challenge can be even more difficult if your personal credit score eliminates you from qualifying for traditional bank financing. A substandard... Read More

Allied Financial Funds Company to Repay its Factor, Daily ACH Lender and to Support Growth

What happens when an early stage company with a high-cost factoring arrangement in place and a very expensive, rapidly amortizing daily ACH cash advance also has a need for more funding to support substantial growth? This early stage company... Read More

Using Accounts Receivable Financing to Pay Off ACH Repayment Cash Advances

Have high-cost, rapid repayment cash advances that are adversely impacting your business? Did the cash advance that seemed like a good idea at the time turn into a nightmare for you company as the constant ACH withdrawals hit your... Read More

Red Flags When Applying for Accounts Receivable Financing

You’ve worked hard to get where you are with your small business. When you need financing to continue growing your company, make sure that you don’t see any of these red flags with your potential financing source. Non-Transparent Fees... Read More

How Long is the Working Capital Funding “Bridge”?

Many alternative lenders pitch their funding product as an interim or “bridge” source of financing, but just how long is a typical interim or bridge period? The duration of a bridge period varies from lender to lender much the... Read More

A Line of Credit is Recommended for Your B2B Startup

Using personal savings, taking a second mortgage, credit cards and/or friends and family money are how most business owners fund their fledgling enterprise out of the gate. However, these initial resources are generally limited and, should your new business... Read More

How to Get a Business Loan

For small companies, getting bank approval for loans can be difficult – especially if your company has had a recent operating loss or other financial challenges. Without years of stable revenue and established credit, businesses often struggle to find... Read More

Allied Financial Funds Company’s Exit from Bank’s Special Asset Group

Some time ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Refinancing a Company Out of a Bank’s Special Asset Group”. The article started with how a company could find itself in the Special Asset area of a bank, included a... Read More

Using a Working Capital Line of Credit to Fund Growth

It’s hard to grow a small business. Finding a financial solution to help support a growing employee base and increasing accounts receivable all starts with a reliable funding source. Allied Financial has helped businesses with alternative lending solutions for... Read More

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