Life after COVID-19: Businesses Re-Open

As states begin to relax the shutdown restrictions and more businesses re-open, it is time to prepare. While it would be great to re-open to business as usual, that is simply not the case. Businesses must be prepared to... Read More

COVID-19 Impact on B2B Businesses

What began as a regional outbreak quickly spread to a global pandemic. The COVID-19 impact has spared no one or no business. While a few ecommerce sites are experiencing a robust increase, most companies were hit economically and are... Read More

Coronavirus Attack on B2B Companies: How to Survive

As the world fights the spread of a pandemic, your customers are confined to their homes. The B2B coronavirus attack is rapidly and drastically changing how they research and purchase goods and services. Experts and business leaders are trying... Read More

Coronavirus Business Insights: What to Expect, How to React, and What’s Next

Above all else, the coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy, affecting more than a million people around the world. Its growing impact on the global economy is being felt by everyone and is adding to the human misfortune and... Read More

4 Ways to Shorten Your B2B Sales Cycle

With some successful companies, selling more of their products or services isn’t an issue. The problem they have is getting their customers to say, “Yes” more quickly. Put differently, they need a way to shorten their B2B sales cycle.... Read More

Ways to Sell to Millennial B2B Buyers

Today, Millennials account for 73 percent of workers involved in product and service purchases for their company or their own business. Thirty-four percent are the sole decision-maker for purchases. As more Millennials begin controlling big budgets, it becomes increasingly... Read More

4 Ways B2Bs Compete in 2020

As an entrepreneur, you know how competitive business is. To compete in a world of ever-changing trends, it’s important to keep up with both technical and consumer trends. Here are four ways a B2Bs compete in 2020. Capturing the... Read More

Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

Data shows that most businesses fail due to cash flow problems. The goal of any business is to make a profit, but cash flow is necessary to continue operating. It’s sometimes difficult for start-up businesses to both generate and... Read More

Cut Costs for Small Businesses with a Purchasing Consortium

A purchasing consortium is an effective purchasing and supply chain management strategy for your small-to-medium B2B company. It’s impossible to accomplish your goals without the necessary goods, and purchasing consortia help you reduce costs of goods. Many small-to-medium businesses... Read More

Tips for Creating B2B Partnerships

Positive B2B Partnerships are beneficial for generating new online and walk-in leads and improving your business’s reputation. When you own or run a business, customers aren’t the only ones with whom you need to build a strong relationships. While... Read More

Account-based Marketing for B2B

In recent years, marketers would cast a wide net. The idea was to attract as many leads as possible in order to land a few keepers. Account-based marketing changes this model. Published content—blogs, ebooks, infographics, etc.—covered topics meant to... Read More

Technology for Small Business Growth

Rapid advances in technology are opening new and effective opportunities for business growth. Read More

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