Allied Financial Can Help You Stop Harmful Cash Advance Cycles

What happens when an early stage company with a high-cost factoring arrangement in place and a very expensive, rapidly amortizing daily ACH cash advance also has a need for more funding to support substantial growth? This early stage company made the correct choice, stopped the harmful cash advance cycle and contacted Allied Financial.

Allied’s Quick Response, Face-to-Face Meeting and Customized Financing Solution

Allied Financial quickly responded to the company’s inquiry by collecting some basic financial information and then conducted a face-to-face meeting at the company to learn as much as possible about the business. Within 24 hours of the meeting, Allied issued its offer to provide a revolving, working capital line of credit to be used to repay both the factor and ACH lender. In addition, the line of credit was structured sufficiently large to allow the company to go ahead and confidently capture substantially more revenue. Unlike cash advances, as new accounts receivable are generated, the company will have immediate access to additional, cost-effective working capital!

The Power of LinkedIn

Allied was contacted by the principal of this early stage company via LinkedIn. The principal had a previous company a few years ago that was financed by a company where a senior member of Allied’s team had worked. The principal contacted the Allied team member to join his LinkedIn network, sent a follow up InMail-and the rest is history!

Collaborate with Allied Financial to Structure Your Customized Working Capital Financing Solution

Allied provides A/R based revolving lines of credit with additional funding available against inventory and/or M&E for companies with credit needs from $25,000 to $1,500,000+. We finance start-up/early stage companies and credit challenged companies in most industries including manufacturers, wholesalers, B2B service providers (staffing, consulting, etc.) and non-bonded contractors.

If you have a B2B company that is unable to qualify for bank financing, is currently factoring or is saddled with high cost/rapid repayment cash advances make the right call and contact the team at Allied Financial.

Allied Financial Corp of Delaware Valley
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