How to Get a Business Loan

For small companies, getting bank approval for a business loan can be difficult – especially if your company has had a recent operating loss or other financial challenges. Without years of stable revenue and established credit, businesses often struggle to find financing solutions to help support their growth.

Fortunately, Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley has a proven track record of helping businesses prosper through accounts receivable and inventory financing (asset based lending).

We provide companies with the financing they need to grow using a working capital line of credit. We’ve helped businesses grow from non-bankable to bankable – and it all starts by reaching out to one of our finance professionals. Fill out an online contact form or call us at (856) 481-4790 and check out some of our best tips for putting your best foot forward when looking to get a business loan.

Think About Your Present & Future Financing Goals

Whether you are quickly trying to find the working capital to make the next payroll, or are embarking on making your 5-year growth plan a reality– knowing your immediate needs and future financing requirements helps us design a financing plan to get you to where you want to be.

Allied does not require a 40-minute PowerPoint presentation or Encyclopedia-sized report. Communicating your present and future goals can really help our team get an understanding of your business, so that we can offer you financing options.

Begin Gathering Your Documents

Especially if your financing requires a quick turnaround time, having your documents together will fast track your application and help you get the working capital you need as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the financial information we collect for your application to get prepared. You may be surprised at how many of these documents you already have readily on hand.

Call Today to Learn About Your Options

Even if you aren’t completely set on getting a working capital line of credit for your business, it never hurts to know your financial options.

Call us for a free no-obligation consultation with one of our financial advisors who will answer all of your questions and make recommendation as to the best financing for your business. Contact us using our online form to get started.

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