How Long Does Working Capital Bridge Financing Last?

Many alternative lenders pitch their funding product as an interim or bridge financing solution, but just how long is a typical interim or bridge period? The duration of a bridge period varies from lender to lender much the same way as the length of physical bridges in the United States.

Did you know that the longest reported bridge in the USA is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway at 24 miles while the shortest covered bridge is the West Liberty Covered Bridge, Geneva, OH which is only 18 feet long?

Here at Allied Financial our bridge financing can be for as long as our customer requires a creative, customized credit facility carefully structured and managed by our team of outstanding commercial finance professionals.

A/R Funding Period Based on Business Needs

For example, two of our portfolio companies recently graduated into traditional banking relationships from our working capital financing program. It was tremendously gratifying to help the first company to exit their bank nearly 5 years ago and then to provide ongoing “bridge” funding while they successfully overcame major business issues.

It was equally gratifying to assist the second company with its “interim” funding requirements during its start-up phase and its first two successful years in business. Our team at Allied understands that our role is help our customers to grow, prosper and eventually qualify for bank financing whether their funding requirements are for 6 months, 6 years or even longer.

Working Capital Line of Credit from Allied Financial

Allied provides A/R based revolving lines of credit with additional funding available against inventory and/or M&E for companies with credit needs from $25,000 to $1,500,000+. We finance start-up/early stage companies and credit challenged companies in most industries including manufacturers, wholesalers, B2B service providers (staffing, consulting, etc.) and non-bonded contractors.

Please contact me if you have a client or know of a B2B company that is unable to qualify for bank financing, is currently factoring or is saddled with high cost/rapid repayment cash advances, as Allied could be the alternative lender to get that company back on the road to bank financing.

Please don’t forget to add my contact information to your data base as your alternative, interim or “bridge” lender for non-bankable B2B companies.

Allied Financial Corp of Delaware Valley