How to Get a Business Loan

For small companies, getting bank approval for a business loan can be difficult – especially if your company has had a recent operating loss or other financial challenges. Without years of stable revenue and established credit, businesses often struggle... Read More

Allied Financial Funds Company’s Exit from Bank’s Special Asset Group

Some time ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Refinancing a Company Out of a Bank’s Special Asset Group”. The article started with how a company could find itself in the Special Asset area of a bank, included a... Read More

Using a Working Capital Line of Credit to Fund Growth

It’s hard to grow a small business. Finding a financial solution to help support a growing employee base and increasing accounts receivable all starts with a reliable funding source. Allied Financial has helped businesses with alternative lending solutions for... Read More

How long does a borrower remain with Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley?

Many alternative lenders and factors simply view themselves as an interim or bridge sources of funding. Unlike these lenders, factors, and especially MCA/Daily ACH cash providers – AFCDV views its menu of financing options as a short, intermediate, or... Read More

Allied Financial – A Value Added Alternative Lender

Over the last couple of years there has been a proliferation of alternative lenders to small businesses that claim to be able to provide nearly instantaneous access to funding. Instant cash is great (although expensive) but cash alone cannot... Read More

Small Loan, Big Impact

A banker recently referred a start-up/early stage consulting company to Allied after the loan was turned down by his bank. After we funded a working capital line of credit to the company he sent me an email commenting that... Read More

Working Capital Loans for Technology Companies

A few blogs back, I discussed the challenge of performance risk when financing a contractor’s progress billed accounts receivable along with different ways to mitigate the downside risk for the lender. When most lenders hear the word “contractor” or... Read More

Part 2: Loans Available for Start Up B2B Companies

Providing Creative Financing for Start Up Business to Business Companies How creative can Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley become when structuring a working capital line of credit for a revenue generating start-up B2B company? Please read on. Example... Read More

Loans Available for Start Up B2B Companies

I am frequently asked whether Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley finances start-ups. My immediate answer is, “yes” but the definition of a financeable start-up is a bit more complicated. Financing for Different Types of Start Up Businesses There... Read More

It Takes Time, Patience and Experience to Fund an Acquisition Loan Accommodation

Receive individualized attention from Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley throughout the acquisition loan funding process How many alternative lenders, factors, or Merchant Cash Advance companies will work with a potential borrower 6+ months to structure a financing accommodation... Read More

Financing the Growth of Your B2B Business

There is a direct relationship between the growth of your B2B business and the need to finance the increase in your current assets especially the increase of your accounts receivable. For example, if your average accounts receivable collection period... Read More

The Spirit of the Code Breakers

The Uniform Commercial Code was first published and implemented in the 1950s and its 9 Articles established a set of laws which govern the sale of goods, leases of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfer, letters of credit,... Read More

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