Financing the Growth of Your B2B Business

There is a direct relationship between the growth of your B2B business and the need to finance the increase in your current assets especially the increase of your accounts receivable. For example, if your average accounts receivable collection period... Read More

The Spirit of the Code Breakers

The Uniform Commercial Code was first published and implemented in the 1950s and its 9 Articles established a set of laws which govern the sale of goods, leases of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfer, letters of credit,... Read More

How Long Do Borrowers Need Alternative Working Capital Financing?

Bob Vanaman from Allied Financial Corporation Tackles This Question in His Latest Blog Post I am often asked by prospective borrowers, bankers or other referral sources how long a new borrower will continue to finance with our firm, Allied... Read More

Understanding the Customer Payment Process in a Working Capital Funding Program

Find out if payments go to a bank, commercial financing company or factoring company. If your company receives its working capital funding from a bank, commercial finance company or factoring company, the terms of your financial arrangement may require... Read More

Allied Financial in a Nutshell

In my last Working Capital Finance Guy blog posting I discussed a general theory of how to refinance a company out of a bank’s special asset group. Theories are simply general principles and should be viewed as the starting... Read More

Refinancing a Company Out of a Bank’s Special Asset Group

When a company begins to experience a downturn while being financed by a bank, it may take some time before the bank becomes aware of the emerging problems. Reporting requirements when a loan is initially set up can vary... Read More

Performance Risk in Providing Funding to Contractors

Discover how financial company’s conduct risk assessments in order to fund contractors. Whether a contractor is seeking working capital funding from a bank, a factor or a commercial finance company the challenge each of these sources of capital faces... Read More

Sellers Beware

We have all heard the expression “let the buyer beware” (caveat emptor) but in today’s world of commerce an equally cautionary expression is “Sellers Beware”. Sellers of goods and/or services to other businesses, especially to larger, more demanding enterprises,... Read More

Revolving Lines of Credit Versus Daily ACH Repayment Advances

There is a stark contrast between the Revolving Lines of Credit and ACH Repayment Advances. Find out more below.  Our firm recently provided an accounts receivable based line of credit for $300,000 to an early stage, high growth, IT... Read More

Investor’s Business Daily’s 10 Secrets to Success

Top ten secrets to success previously published by Investor’s Business Daily HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING: Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment.   DECIDE UPON YOUR TRUE DREAMS AND GOALS: Write down your specific... Read More

Understanding the Cost of Not Taking Vendor Discounts

Small businesses can lose out on great savings opportunities by not utilizing vendor discounts.  I have been handing out this very helpful information on the value of taking available vendor discounts to small business owners for many years. The... Read More

What is the Annual Percentage Rate of Factoring?

Find out what the Annual Percentage Rate of Factoring is from the Allied Financial team.  Danish astronomer Ole Romer did the math and successfully calculated the speed of light in 1676. In the financial arena the math has been... Read More

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