Using a Working Capital Line of Credit to Fund Growth

It’s hard to grow a small business. Finding a financial solution to help support a growing employee base and increasing accounts receivable all starts with a reliable funding source.

Allied Financial has helped businesses with alternative lending solutions for years. We fund businesses with loans that provide the foundation for growth. Learn more about how working capital financing with Allied Financial can help your company to grow, prosper, and become bankable.

Accounts Receivable Financing Growth Chart

Leveraging Your Assets to Support the Growth of Your Business

Without additional equity, businesses rely on borrowing funds to support their growth. As sales increase, accounts receivable increase. Small businesses need substantial financial support for payroll, and both fixed and variable expenses. Typically, businesses must leverage their assets to meet their ongoing working capital needs.

Allied Financial supports businesses by lending money using their existing accounts receivable and other assets. Our lines of credit can be structured to expand as your company grows, so that you can stop worrying about financing your growth and focus your attention on running the business.

Growing to Profitability

Your company initially will rely on financing to support the growth of current assets but, as sales rise, your business will become increasingly profitable. As your profit grows, your reliance on the line of credit will diminish as you retain earnings in the company.

By retaining profit, your company will transition to using its own internally generated cash for ongoing operations.

Leveraging to Deleveraging

Without hidden charges, sky-high fees, and unfavorable contracts, our clients have the best opportunity to grow and become successful.

As your company uses its own cash from operations, its balance sheet will strengthen and deleverage. As the business continues to be profitable and to retain earnings, the company becomes an increasingly attractive client for the banking community.

Grow Your Business with Funding from Allied Financial

Schedule an initial phone consultation to apply for a working capital line of credit to grow your business. An AFCDV consultant will guide you through your application and our simple approval process. Once you qualify, we will work with your business to finance your success.

You can also fill out an online contact form. We look forward to working with your business!

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