Loans for Government Contractors

Government contracts can provide an excellent opportunity to grow your small business. The government is mandated to work with small businesses across the nation. No matter what type of service or product you provide, there may be opportunities for you to work with the Federal Government.  The Federal Business Opportunities website lists all open contracting opportunities over $25,000 across the Federal Government.

Once your company has secured a government contract, it’s crucial that you have the financial resources necessary to fulfill the terms of that contract.

Why Government Contracts Are Unique

Government contracts are unique business opportunities. They are typically unlike a contract with a private organization in the following ways:

Why Working Capital Loans from Allied Financial are a Great Solution for Government Contractors

A properly structured working capital line of credit is an excellent way to fund a government contract. Getting a government contract may be a wonderful opportunity for your company. But, it’s important to have the resources and cash flow you need to meet all of your business obligations so that your growing business continues to run smoothly.

At Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley, we provide working capital lines of credit up to $2 million to help fund your government contracting activities.

Unlike high-rate, rapid-repayment Merchant Cash and Daily ACH cash advances, Allied provides revolving lines of credit that give its borrowers ongoing access to working capital as their accounts receivable grow.  Also, in conjunction with its accounts receivable based lines of credit, Allied can also make advances against inventory and/or machinery and equipment.

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