Financing for a Business Acquisition

Purchasing a company is a challenging task especially in today’s business environment. Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley, can help guide you through the acquisition process for any type of business acquisition.

Business Acquisition Financing Options from Allied Financial

The team at Allied Financial can finance up to $2 million dollars for a business acquisition. We can structure creative, innovative financing solutions for clients interested in acquiring a B2B company.

Our strengths in providing funding for acquisitions include:

Many lenders provide accounts receivables financing but Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley will work hard to understand the target company’s receivables to ensure maximum loan availability.

Understanding the lendable value of the target company’s inventory is always a challenge and Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley has the experience and will take the time to carefully analyze and establish the lendable value of inventory.

Allied Financial Corporation of Delaware Valley can provide a term loan on the target company’s M&E to support the acquisition. The amortization of the term loan is structured to meet the post-closing cash flow of “Newco.”

For Business Acquisition Financing, Call Allied Financial of Delaware Valley

Funding your business acquisition with a lender that is familiar with the acquisition process is critical. Speak with an Allied Financial representative today at 856-481-4790 for a custom analysis for your business acquisition. Visit the Allied Financial benefits page to see how our clients benefit from the

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